This is where the journey of saying “yes” to the Lord, has lead me.

In the year 2016, I felt the Lord asking me to start writing down all the journeys of faith that I had walked with Him - the journey of blogging, the journey to our adoption, the journey to our current house, and countless others. I wasn't sure what He was doing but I knew He was up to something. That April, the Lord gave me the vision of the words "Faith|FULLNESS" and showed me that through my faith in Him, He had given me fullness - in our "faith fullness" to the Lord, we become full and our faith is increased. I knew at that point that someday He was going to call me to write a blog, or a book, on the topic, I just didn't realize it would be so soon. The pages of this blog are the stories from my life, my journeys of saying "yes" to the Lord, the dreams God has given me, the acts of obedience He has called me to and my heart. Faith isn't always an easy thing but the fullness we receive from saying "yes" to the Lord, is worth every bit of sacrifice made along the way.